Easy Mix Lightning 3.5

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Easy Mix Lightning 3.5

A Simple tool for turning sand and cement into beautiful useable mortar,
This is the Easy Mix Lightning-Electric motor and a bowl that spins! What else could you ask for!?

All Brick business Easymix lightning mixers come with our Mixer mate, A simple solution to keep your mixer turning! because if it ain't turnin you ain't earnin!

The Mixer mate prevents damage to leads and switches, Running 2 independent switches gives you the ability to keep working if the main switch gets damaged.

» Easy mix Lightning 3.5cf mixer
» All mixers are fully greased and ready to use
» NSK ball bearing
» Adjustable stands
» Flat Free wheel
» Nylon loading wheels
» 3.5cf Mixing-bowl shaped to make the perfect mix in the least amount of time

All mixers sold by The Brick Business are covered Australia wide under warranty

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