Marc Scott and Grant standing next to each other


The Brick Business was founded through passion by Marc, Scott and Grant who had a vision over many years to improve the industry.

Brick laying has long been considered as an old school, tough, and exhausting trade that has not seen any innovation in many years. Well, we are here to change that way of thinking and introduce streamlined processes, ideas and products to help all aspects of the industry.



Scott Howard
Marc Howard
Grant James

scott howard


As a child, Scott always loved helping his dad work onsite as a bricklayer. It was only natural that he followed in the footsteps of his father and older brother, Marc, starting an apprenticeship under the same boss as his brother.Learning from his father who has had 2 hip replacements in his early thirties that you could not build a Bricklaying business with brute strength and work ethic alone, Scott dedicated himself to improving the business side of bricklaying.

marc howard

operations manager

A passion for working with his hands and innovation meant that Marc was always building things.

From racing lawnmowers in his youth to more recently, making smokers from scratch! It was also clear that he could make his job as a bricklayer more efficient with the right tools. Once Marc started building unique tools to improve efficiency and was able to track the direct results on profit using the software Scott had created, he has dedicated himself to improving the bricklaying process through the innovation of tools and equipment for the trade.

grant james

technical services

Grant has always had a passion for tinkering with anything electronic, pulling apart computers and radios, this has lead into working in the appliance servicing and maintenance industry, regularly repairing and rebuilding complex machinery. Grant has known the Howard brothers for over 20 years and together they have always been tinkering with everything. Using his knowledge to create the next generation of bricklaying tools.

 They each shared a vision

Being generational bricklayers and earning pocket money on weekends with their father cemented Marc and Scott's place in the industry from an early age. Marc and Scott were always looking for methods to make things easier, faster, and of higher quality from the time they were in their early teens.Marc was inventing his own versions of tools during his apprenticeship, and anything that could be changed or improved was tried and tested. Scott was always looking for ways to systemize bricklaying so that profitable expansion and work-life balance could be achieved.

Man with back faced to camera laying bricks

A mission to improve the industry

Once The Brick Business concept began Grant joined the team, with his many years of experience dealing with servicing and repairs to mechanical equipment he was a no questions choice to join the team and begin working on the next generation prototypes of products to make bricklayers life easier and safer. Together we are developing a complete solution with tools, apps, trailers and consumables.

This will benefit all bricklayers not just their own business and deal with identified systematic problems that all bricklayers deal with every day. From builders and supervisors that do not understand the challenges associated with the trade. Builders and bricklayers who don’t understand the impact that poor scheduling and timelines have on profit and quality of work to finding reliable employees, monitoring profit/loss on jobs, and dealing with paperwork/invoicing.